Adriafil Dada Chunky


Dada like Dadaism, it is meant to break the mold: every color falls right where it belongs to confer a sporty and modern look to this fancy and attractive “rainbow” ball … especially once you feel it! This yarn ball is already beautiful to look at, but it is even more at the touch.
In fact, an extraordinarily soft modal tubular structure encloses a polyamide top and customers fall in love just by looking at this special visual effect.
Furthermore, anyone easily falls in love with it a second time when the yarn is held in hand. Evolution and revolution come together in this yarn. The real challenge is with the addition of modal, a fiber which is also known as “the artificial silk”. By choosing this yarn you can not go wrong, because of the absolute softness of this fiber.
Not to mention environmental sustainability: modal is indeed a natural fiber, regenerated from the beech tree’s cellulose pulp.
Almost all of the chemicals involved in the production of this fiber is recovered and reused in order to reduce emissions and preserve natural resources.
Many advantages in just one yarn:
– it does not split and does not discolour
– it does not retain limestone if washed in hard water, so it will always remain extra soft
– it can be ironed like cotton
– it is twice as hygroscopic as cotton, meaning it retains moisture leaving the skin dry and cool!
Let’s talk about its colours: there are 6 intriguing mixes of skilfully matched fashion shades, which enhance the almost optical white base. It looks like many coloured confetti have fallen on it! For those who love dark colours this yarn offers strong mixed shades of blue, purple and black. Instead, people who want “to wear” the summer can pick the brighter yellow, green and blue mixes. Moreover, in between these clashing colours, you will see joyful rainbow shades suitable for the whole family. Also, let’s not forget to mention this yarn thickness … needle 7 for smooth and fun projects, a real must! With Dada yarn the sweater becomes a futurist painting, ideal for young fashion!

See the Goa pattern in Dada yarn


Adriafil Dada Chunky

Blend: 68% Modal, 32% Nylon
Ball weight: 50g
Yardage: 185m
Needle size: 7mm
Tension: 15 stitches, 21 rows to 4 inches / 10 cm on 4mm needles


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